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Luxury Residential Properties in the West End of London

"West End London is one of the most exciting places to live in the World. Gascoyne Holdings offer superb flats with excellent management" - Martin, NEW YORK

"Any maintenance issues we had were sorted out quickly and professionally" - Sandra, JAPAN

"We loved our years in London. Gascoyne Holdings flats really are at the centre of this fantastic city. We felt very special living there" - Xavier, PARIS

"Gascoyne Holding's management office is right at the centre of the estate. It was nice to see the people who managed the flats, and their response to problems was very quick" - James, BRIGHTON

"There's an amazing community feeling. You get to meet your neighbours in the pubs, library, cafes and the gym. It's like a village!" - Louise, YORK


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Telephone: 020 7632 2500

Central London Flats Available

These apartments are less than a one minute walk from Leicester Square Tube Station and are within walking distance of many of London’s major attractions including:

Apartments to Rent in the Heart of London’s West End